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Bangalore’s Best, South & West - TNN

The Bangalore Patrol survey so far has assessed civic services available to people on a ward-wise basis. The exhaustive survey saw all the 198 wards of mapped and measured. The natural progression to this was to see how the assembly constituencies of the city fare in the delivery of civic services.

To arrive at assembly constituency scores Bangalore Patrol used population weighted averages of the ward scores. What came out was that the best parts of the city to live in are west and south Bangalore.

The east and north figure nowhere among the top 7 ( with scores above 6 on a scale of 10) in the survey. This incidentally includes the core city areas and even those along the prestigious road to the new Bengaluru International airport.
Rajajinagar, that comes under Urban development minister S Suresh Kumar, takes the lead overall with a score of 6.62. Good water and sanitation scores of 7.87 and 7.52 respectively has been the big booster. It has also fared well in all other parameters with ranks 10 in each of them. As for mobility, it ranks No 1, with a score of 5.66.

On a closer look, all seven wards that come under this constituency have scored between 6 and 7 overall. Sriramamandir ward is the top scorer among them with a total score of 7.12 and a high water score of 9.81. Even the congested Kamakshipalya has added value with its good water and sanitation conditions. Having said all this, an average score of 3.9 for public amenities, sure comes as a shocker. Which means, the wards across Rajajinagar need to focus on the conditions of its parks and playgrounds.

Ditto with Mahalakshi layout, that’s second on the overall rank list with a score of 6.36. Again, the top scoring parameters here are water and sanitary conditions across all its seven wards, that also includes Nandini layout ward lead by M Nagaraj, the Congress opposition leader in council. The top scorer however is Mahalakshimipuram that has scored 8.87 and 7.87 in water and sanitation respectively. Overall, the constituency ranks first for water with a score of 7.98.
Ironically, out of the seven wards, Vrishabhavathi Nagar, that’s named after one of city’s four major valleys has actually scored the least in both water and sanitation with scores of 6.63 and 6.74 respectively. But, mobility is an area that’s also let it slip from the top by a few decimals. The mobility rank of Mahalakshmi layout is 10.

Malleswaram is yet another area from the West among the top seven assembly constituencies that’s scored above 6 on 10. It ranks fifth with a score of 6.19. It’s second ranked in environment which has also pushed up its overall scores, apart from the good water and sanitation conditions observed on the survey. This, mainly due to the good scores of Aramane Nagara, Malleswaram and `Kadu’ Malleshwar wards in environment, that ranges above 7 and less than 9.

Ranked an unlucky 13 on mobility, Malleswram constituency has an overall mobility score of 5.5, which is just above average. The individual scores of wards here vary between 4 and less than 6.

But, the poorest scorer here is again public amenities, with a score of 2.53 that’s brought it down to rank 10 under this category.

There are four areas from the South on this top 7 list. Good-old Jayanagar is at rank 3 with a total score of 6.27 but it also saves the `green’ grace of South Bangalore, coming first in public amenities, but with just a score of 3.95. Simply put, even an area once known for its good number of parks and playgrounds now needs to seriously work on enhancing this amenity.

Close behind, at rank 4 is Govindraj Nagar with a score of 6.22. Public amenities and mobility are again the main worry factors. In fact, the Nagarbhavi ward here has a score below 1 for its parks and playgrounds.

Vijayanagar and Basavanagudi are the other two constituencies from the old south areas at rank 6 and 7 respectively. Basavanagudi is the only constituency on this topper’s list with a water score below 7 but has fared better than Govindrajnagar and Malleswaram on mobility front, scoring 5.36.

This phase of TOI Bangalore Patrol ranks the city in terms of its assembly constituencies. In a sense, this assessment has helped in bringing out the real report card for the city MLAs, some of whom also in ministerial berths. Further, with no corporators in place for over three years, the city MLAs were directly responsible for local affairs. Many of them were seen on regular janaspandanas across their constituencies, some still continue meeting the public atleast once a month.

Surprisingly, the constituencies under the two bangalore in-charge ministers, are not on the top 7 list.