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Core Areas Do Well- by Sunitha Rao R, TNN

`Old is gold,’ is a phrase that’s apt to assess the quality of civic amenities in assembly constituencies featured in today’s edition. The survey of constituencies that rank between 7-14 reveals that apart from Hebbal, all other six constituencies were part of old Bangalore: Chickpet, Padmanabh Nagar, Chamarajpet, Pulakeshi Nagar, Shivaji Nagar and Gandhi Nagar These areas, which are located in the central business district, are not as bad as the newer ones but still have their own civic problems.

Transport minister proves his power
Padmanabha Nagar located in the extreme south corner of the city, is at the 8th place in rank list. The constituency represented by Home minister, Transport minister and Bangalore South in-charge minister R Ashoka scores number 1 in mobility.

Padmanabh Nagar that houses the number one locality Ganesh Mandir ward scores 5th rank in public amenities. Not just that, the survey also depicts that the assembly constituency is much cleaner compared to other wards as it bags seventh rank in sanitation score.

Beware of your bag here
Chickpet, one of the prominent parts of Old Bangalore which is still a textile hub, is visited by most of the brides in Banaglore for their wedding shopping. The locality is well known for its silk sari shopping and numerous handloom shops is the seventh best assembly constituency in Bangalore. It bags the 6th place in sanitation, 7th rank in both mobility and public amenities and a ten 10th rank in environment score. Does being a business hub mean it lends itself to more crime? Statistics say `yes’ with Chickpet coming in at 19th rank in the crime score.

Water not to great here
Hebbal might have been the constituency represented by former IT, BT, BWSSB minister Katta Subramanya Naidu, but it fails to top the list in water score. Hebbal scores 15th rank in water with a score. 6.07. But its scores are good when it comes to mobility. To commute from any part of the city is not too difficult from this part of the city for as per the survey the constituency bags the third rank in transport. One of the reasons for the good condition of the roads at Hebbal is largely due to the fact that it is closer to Bangalore International Airport.

Call it clean
When it comes to sanitation, Gandhi Nagar assembly constituency tops the list. Gandhi Nagar ward in the same constituency which led the city in solid waste management by achieving zero waste management, all due to the efforts and initiations of BBMP officials and MLA, Dinesh Gundu Rao. “When Bharat Lal Meena was the BBMP Commissioner, there were initiatives taken to make each ward the best in certain practices of BBMP’s services. A rotating fund of Rs one lakh was given to each ward. Gandhi Nagar used it to create zero waste zones. It has now become the ward everyone looks up to while cleaning their own premises,” officials explain.

The ward became waste conscious in August 2009, when the number of paurakarmikas increased to 57 and began to sweep the roads thrice a day. Gandhi Nagar that houses Majestic bus terminal, railways station is a place which every tourist visits in the city, so it’s important to keep it clean and free to waste.

Ironically, Gandhi Nagar which is a hub of bus services and for south western railways has a pathetic score when it comes to mobility, as it is at the 21 place. The survey also deciphers that the condition of roads in the vicinity of city’s most used bus terminal and railway station is rather bad.

Not so hygiene
Shivaji Nagar, which is a major revenue spinner for BBMP is at the 12th rank among 28 assembly constituencies. Though Shivaji Nagar has its own BMTC bus terminal and is seen as the linking point to reach any place in the city, its mobility score is not so high. It secures 17th rank in mobility rank with a scores 4.98.
Not just in mobility score, but in sanitation also the constituency suffers as it has been given 19th place, with a 6.25 score. A mere walk along the narrow ‘gallies’ of Commercial Street helps confirm the Bangalore Patrol scores. When it rains, entire Shivaji Nagar floods with sewerage water overflowing from manholes, drains and enter the houses situated at the low laying area. Russell market, one of the most sought for markets in the city is the pride of Shivaji Nagar but the market also suffers in the absence of hygiene and cleanliness. It can be recalled that, an NGO called Solid Waste Management Round Table headed by city’s solid waste management experts such as N S Ramakanth, German enthusiast Myriam Shankar took up a drive last month to clean up Russell market.

Interestingly, Shivaji Nagar also score the third rank in environment as it includes wards like Vasanth Nagar and Jayamahal which have contributed to the high score in greenery with their golf courses and sprawling Palace grounds.
But the survey also reinforces the idea that crime rate is higher in assembly constituencies which house commercial hubs. Shivaji Nagar is in 16th rank in crime and Chickpet, another commercial hub is in 19th rank, proving to be rather unsafe. Hebbal, which is relatively more of a residential area, is safer in comparison as it comes in at 4th rank.

Chamarajpet which is at the 10th place overall has areas which have been neglected over the decades. Wards such as Padarayanapura, Azad Nagar, and Jagajivanaram Nagar are predominately slum areas where development has been a mirage. Over two lakh people living in this constituency are deprived of basic public amenities. Chamrajpet is at 21st place in public amenities. Despite being in the central business district of the city, the ward suffers in mobility score and is at 18th place among all the constituencies.

Pulakeshi Nagar assemble constituency which is located at the North Eastern part of the city, has come in at the 11th rank but has its best scores in mobility. It ranks 9th in mobility but has poor scores in water and sanitation (13), public amenities (15), environment (13).