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Posh Areas Lack Civic Services - by Sunitha Rao R/TNN

Do real estate prices have a close link to the quality of civic amenities available in an area?  A survey of assembly constituencies where real estate prices are indeed  sky high  reveals that the link between the two are indeed tenuous.  Many areas in the heart of the city and in some happening suburbs, where  realty market’s touching dizzying heights have scored rather poorly on a  number of parameters that assess the quality of civic services. Shanthi Nagar – in which falls the city’s central business district – being a prime example and the rapidly rising BTM Layout assembly constituency being another.

Koramangala, home to tech billionaires as well as thousands of techies, it transpires, is rather unsafe. BTM Layout which houses this high end locality has a crime rank of 28, coming in at the fag end of the list. And it comes in at 15th place in the chronological order of best constituencies in the city.
Crime figures, it must be remembered, is based on data registered at the police stations. It could also be that the more educated populace of this area is more likely to register their complaints for say robbery or accident than those less keen on engaging with the law enforcement officers.
As per the survey, water is not so much as problem in this constituency when compared to the status of other civic amenities. For example, BTM layout scores 7.41 in water scores and stands at 7th rank. As   techies who commute to Electronics city reside at wards like BTM, Lakkasandra, Madivala and Koramangala, the state of its roads and the frequency of BMTC buses services are higher here compared to many other constituencies. BTM layout scores 5.32 on mobility thus indicating the easy commute possible here. It can also be recalled that Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has chosen places like Madivala, Koramangala, BTM Layout to promote its ambitious ‘Bus Days,’ by increasing the number of buses plying on these roads.  Sanitation and environment factors in the constituency need to be improved says the survey as it scores 17th score in the both the parameters.
When it comes to public amenities, the wards of BTM Layout such as Adugodi (0.69), Ejipua (0.48) and Jakkasandra (0.29) score less than one point, which negatively impact the entire public amenities, score of the constituency. Its score of 1.99 gives it the 14th place, pointing to a dearth of playgrounds, parks and open spaces.


Just like BTM layout, Shanthi Nagar, it turns out, is not a very safe place to live in, in Bangalore. The constituency scores 24th rank (out of 28) on the crime score.  Like Chickpet and Gandhi Nagar assembly constituencies, Shanthi Nagar is also a commercial hub and a high revenue spinner or BBMP.
That apart, for Shanthi Nagar which constitutes the Central Business District of the city, mobility has not been a major concern, as per TOI’s Bangalore Patrol survey which’s conceived and managed by Janaagraha. Shanthi Nagar ranks 19 overall despite being one of the old, urban-centric assembly constituencies of Bangalore.

M G road, Brigade road areas are the ones most frequented by tourists and locals alike. Yet, the sight that greets them is dirty corners, unclean, uneven footpaths, large piles of uncleared garbage and litter everywhere. Shanthi Nagar that houses these roads is in 17th place when it comes to public amenities and ranks 18 on the sanitation report card.

BBMP’s idea to make  Bangalore ‘Dust-bin free’ has just not worked here as the floating population of the city has ended up filling up even the tree guards with  waste produced on the streets. Public toilets in this busy touristy, shopping area --where they are required the most – are missing too. Ditto with public amenities, as the number of parks and playgrounds in the constituency is not sufficient for its two lakh population. Shanthi Nagar scores a mere 1.43 on public amenities and is at the 17th rank in this category.

But there is news to cheer up the most pessimistic in Shanthala Nagar ward of Shanthi Nagar constituency, as the ward scores 7.85 on the environment score because of its
ample green patches.

Guess what would have made C V Raman Nagar constituency score the first rank in environment? Unlike, Shanthi Nagar which has one or two wards that score well on environment, this constituency sees all its wards do well on this parameter. Its wards such as Benniganahalli (6.85), C V Raman Nagar (6.85), New Tippasandra (6.85), Sarvagna Nagar (7.85), Hoysala Nagar (7.35), Jeevan Bhima Nagar (6.35) and Konena Agrahara (5.35) score the best in environment, and form a green canopy for the city.

On the flip side, C V Raman Nagar, named after the noble laureate Bangalore scientist, is deprived of public amenities. As the survey reflects, it has scored just 1.55 on this parameter. So it’s contradictory, but true that the greenest assembly constituency has pathetic public amenities (rank 18). Mobility is also an issue that needs quick redressal as it scores the 26th rank on this score. With the Metro passing through this constituency, there’s a probability that the mobility statistics of  C V Raman Nagar might change drastically for the better  in the future. The assembly constituency that has wards such as Benniganahalli, Hoysala Nagar and Konena Agrahara is yet to be connected with good roads and buses. These are the newly added wards that need development from scratch.

The problems of Rajarajeshwari Nagar assembly constituency, boils down to poor bus connectivity to the different wards. Situated 12-16 km from Central Business District of the city, the constituency lacks adequate means of communication. The fact that it is close to Mysore road helps it fetch the 15th rank in mobility. The newly developing areas in some of its wards that lie at the corners of the surrounding villages are much safer than the posh localities of the city, unveils the survey. The assembly constituency, popularly known as RR Nagar scores 5th rank in crime.

Sarvagna Nagar that encompasses wards like Nagavar, HBR Layout, Banasavadi, Kammanahalli, Kadugondanahalli, Kacharakanahalli, Lingarajapuram and Maruthi Seva Nagar puts in its worst performance in public amenities. The constituency scores 1.33 and is ranked 20th on this. Similarly it also lacks a green cover and ends up at 20th on environment score also. The only good thing about the ward is its mobility score which sees it in rank 5. Wards like Kadugondanahalli and Kammanahalli are some of the pockets in the city, neglected for decades, which need to be provided with basic amenities.