what is bangalore patrol

Earlier this year, the Times of India, in collaboration with Janaagraha launched Bangalore Patrol, an assessment program, spread across the 198 wards of Bangalore.

This was done to assess basic services like water, mobility, sanitation, environment and public amenities in these wards.The result wasn't exactly what we'd expected.

It was worse.

For a city with first class citizens, the civic amenities at best could be described as second class.Of all the water available in the city, almost half was found to be unfit for drinking. In spite of being the first to have a fleet of world class buses, the roads and footpaths leading to them are unusable and even unsafe at times for pedestrian use.

Almost all of Bangalore, save for a few areas, does not have trash cans in public areas.In spite of wearing the title of the Garden City of the country, our children are not given access to parks supposedly built for us.

On this website you will find detailed data on Bangalore city such as availability of usable footpaths, quality of water supplied, timings of water supply, bus services, parks and playgrounds etc in your specific ward.

This data has been collected and analyzed by the WISATM (Ward Infrastructure & Services Assessment) program run by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, Bangalore. WISATM is a scientific approach to measuring the quality of life in an urban setting.

The Times of India will feature editorials to bring forth and discuss the various problems related to civic infrastructure that Bangalore and its people face.

Your participation will make all the difference. Join hands with Times of India and Janaagraha on Bangalore Patrol, as we strive to demand better facilities, better infrastructure, better services and a better Bangalore for everyone!

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