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Crime & the City- by Sunitha Rao R/TNN

A rhetorical question, “Until what time would you let your daughter stay out in the evenings?” led Bangalore Patrol to look at safety of neighbourhoods. Implicit in the question is the answer that later a girl can stay out, the safer is the neighbourhood and vice versa.

Quality of life is not only a function of water, power, roads, trees, parks, and environment but also of safety. Hence, the decision to include crime in survey. This is the only parameter where secondary data has been used.

8 pm deadline for daughters

The qualitative study done by Bangalore Patrol saw a 100 persons being interviewed with a specific safety related question: “Time at night till which you are comfortable if your daughter is outside alone?” When majority of the parents said 8 pm, three parents set 9 pm as the deadline for the young women to reach home. Surprisingly, it was in the newly added wards like Kempegowda which encompasses villages and lies on the outskirts of Bangalore that parents felt that 10 pm-11 pm is alright for their daughters to return home.

As per the survey, the posh areas such as Koramangala, HAL airport, BTM Layout, Madivala where techies live in, as they are close to IT hubs, report absolute zero in crime. But that does not mean that the crime occurrence is zero, but the number of cases registered in the respective police station during the time of the survey was relatively high. Again, this does not mean that these areas are infested with crime for it could be that the educated people who live in these areas are less intimidated at the prospect of going to police stations, and so might lodge complaints with the police for things ranging from petty theft, neighbours playing music loudly to theft and dacoity.

Many wards have no cops!
As per the survey, there are no police stations in many of the wards and each police station is in charge of not less than three wards. This is one of the factors that play a key role in complaint registration. For example, Yelahanka police station alone takes care of Kempegowda ward, Chowdeshwari Nagar and Attur. In contrast, wards like Shanthala Nagar come under three police stations! People of Shanthala Nagar that scores 3.98 as crime scores fall under the jurisdiction of Shivaji Nagar, Commercial street and Ashok Nagar police station.

Herohalli tops the list
Which is the safer area in the city? As per the survey, it is Herohalli in Yeshwanthpura which tops the list with a score of 7.61. However, according to the surveyors there is no police station in this ward. “The public in this ward will have to go Yeshwanthpura police station to report any safety threat that they face in their ward. Thus even if the the crime rate is high they might not be registering it, making the ward sound safe,” the surveyors felt.

Ganesh Mandir ward which is the best ward as per the survey is pretty safe with a score of 6.11.

Unlike for other parameters, for the survey on crime, the results were based on the statistics procured from the police stations in the city, which is completely complaint driven. The survey is based on the data collected from all the police stations in the city from January to March 2010. As per the Bangalore Patrol surveyors, safety of the wards was not taken into consideration when the delimitation of the wards was done. “Most of the wards especially the newly added ones, do not have police stations. The crime rate in these will be lesser due to the lack of police station. This is one of the reasons for newly added ward Herohalli in Yeshwanthpur scores 7.61 and stand tall. But there are possibilities of crime going unnoticed,” says Anjana Krishna of Janaagraha, who was a part of the survey team.

Wards like Shankara Puram, Basavanagudi which are safer than most other areas according police sources have scored average rank in crime. Shankar matt 5.47 and Basavanagudi scores 3.93.

Division wise crime statistics:
As per the division wise crime statistics, North division recorded a total of 22 murders, where as central division had only two murders that had taken place during the three months of the survey. The data reveals that there were 425 motor vehicle theft cases that registered. Though South east division records only two dacoity cases, it has got 187 house thefts.


Take care of your vehicle & gold chains here
Beware when you park your vehicle in South Bangalore. South division can probably be called the hub of vehicle thieves, with 425 motor vehicle theft complaints lodged in this division. South division also records highest number of chain snatching incidences with 26 complaints lodged. The least number of crime thefts have been found North east with 66 cases registered.

Is Bidari’s neighborhood safe?
Bangalore Patrol survey reveals that Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari’s neighourhood is rather unsafe. The commissioner’s house falls under Sampangiram Nagar which scores 3.40 score on crime, as against the safest ward Herohalli that scores 7.61.

Beware if you live here!
Wards such as HAL airport, Koramangala, Suddagunte Palya, Madivala, BTM layout score an absolute zero in crime score, which reveals that the areas relatively unsafe with high crime rate. When a large portion of under trials and convicts at Parappana Agrahara are from most unsafe wards like Devarajeevanahalli and Padarayanapura wards, they score rather well at 5.75 and 5.72 respectively.